About Us

Our qualified team, proactive, dynamic are able to work under pressure and bring to all our costumers a satisfying experience thanks also to our high capability to organize and keep today modern technologies up to date. For these reasons and much more, Av.iocopterS has a network of aeronautical companies and professionals (pilots, technicians, coordinators, lawyers and financial consultants), bound by the same passion for the Aeronautical world ready to work with energy and motivation.

Our talent is based on the ability to create synergies with other trusted realities, in order to give a prompt and efficient response to any of our customers requests. The great synchronism between means and people is managed by our team, who efficiently keeps in the loop all our experts and professionals work, advise, presence.

Our Team

The human resources is the discriminating factor for Av.iocopterS to accomplish a mission in the best and safest way. We constantly train our staff, and maintain an up to date technological know how. Aviocopters uses the most modern technologies and qualitative standards with non stop theoretical and practical training programs.

Besides the usual training courses, Av.iocopterS also organizes courses strictly related to the work that must be done either in house or abroad. We have a vast knowledge of different cultures having an extensive experience around the world: front office highly skilled personel, advanced communications systems and industrial safety. Our staff can speak fluently Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Mission Statement

In addition to the private flights and civil protection operations, Av.iocopterS' team is able to provide to third parties helicopters or aircrafts. Thanks to our team experience and the reliability, we can provide to our clients (public and private) the best solution to their needs in what type of aircraft to rent, outlining solutions while integrating services.

Among these services Av.iocopterS' has a well-established partnership with H9 Finance, a company that operates in the area of financial mediators in supporting growth companies and allowing them to access various financial products such as leasing, finance term and bank loan. H9 Finance provides a wide range of solutions. The customer can feel assured to be cared for step by step.
H9 Finance has a great experience in financial advisory regarding the leasing of aircraft and helicopters of all models, new or used, which are currently being offered for sale.
Thanks to the whole range of products offered by its financial partners H9 Finance is now in an ideal position to offer solutions to satisfy every need. The relationship of mutual trust and cooperation that has been created between H9 Finance and our professional consultants allows Av.iocopterS to offer exclusive advice.