Av.iocopterS main service is providing its costumers with aircrafts and related logistic services for all the exigencies they need. We can also provide with integrated operations with helicopters and planes. Av.iocopterS and its network companies are therefore ready to work in any operations environment and type of services existing in Aeronautical World, from the aerial work to the passengers transportation.

Sinergy and perfect organization

Thanks to our synergy and perfect organization, we are structured for an immediate response worldwide.
A continuous training on technologies and flying techniques allows our company to individuate the best aircraft to be used for the specific job our customers are requiring.


Services made by Aircrafts

Av.iocopterS can provide with the aircrafts, pilots, mechanics and all the necessary logistic services as fuel, crew accommodation and medical support.

These are some applications of our aircraft services made by aircrafts: search & rescue inland and offshore and in open waters in emergency situations.

Aerial work as external load transportation

Civil protection operations, as the transportation of first aid materials after natural disasters, as earthquakes, and “Medevac” operations (transportation of the wounded);
survey and geological research by radio magnetic systems  of raw materials such as oil;

Aerial work as external load transportation, construction of electrical power lines, pipe lines, waterworks, industrial mounting;
passenger transportation including oil rings, mountains heliped, unprepared bases in desert, artic and any other place in Instrumental Flight conditions (IFR), Visual Flight conditions (VFR) day and night, and night VFR with night goggles.
air borne remote sensing by helicopters and planes equipped with sophisticated cameras (infrared and high definition).


Professional, quick response and quality work. All you need in a great company and Av.iocopterS provides it.
Matteo Bocca